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How to Switch Off and Relax When Your Brain Is Busy

What can you do if your brain won't switch off, or is too full of stuff for you to relax? It isn't always bad to have lots of stuff going around your head. Sometimes you want to conjure new ideas or solutions to problems. But when you brain becomes crazy with thoughts that you can't switch off, what do you do?

  • It's hard to relax after work.

  • It's hard to think rationally about pretty much anything.

  • You can't concentrate.

  • You feel like you want to scream, or run away.

  • And it can cause tension in your body as well as headaches.

What you really need to do is find the off switch, which is way easier said than done. Some simple solutions to relax and switch you brain off are:

  • meditation

  • a soak in the bath

  • go be childish and run around doing something stupid for a while

  • yoga or tai chi

  • a treatment such as massage

  • Another hobby where you are forced to concentrate on something specifically, like learning new dance steps for instance

But what if these activities fail to help you relax? Sometimes people will reach for a drink, have another cigarette, over indulge in chocolate, or any number of less than helpful habits. I don't think this is really a solution. Personally I would recommend some kind of energy work. For me, I call it Reiki, but any kind of healing from a recommended practitioner, or friend will do it. (Personally, I believe it's all the same stuff from the same place.) You might wonder why this is better than all the other suggestions I made. Well I have been using Reiki since 1997 and I have discovered that it has a unique way of finding the off switch for your brain. I know - I didn't think there was one either. Here are two stories that illustrate my point. One night I was lying in bed but I wasn't trying to sleep. I was desperately trying to remember the thing that I forgot to write down that was really important for me to do the next day. I mentally went through my to do list but I can't drifting off and starting to fall asleep. Then I realised that my partner's hand was resting very gently on the top of my head. I turned to him and said, 'Why is your hand on my head?' In return he said, 'I thought you were having trouble getting to sleep so I thought I'd give you some Reiki'. That's why I couldn't think! My brain was switching off! Flook? You might think so but things like that have happened way too many times. Here's another story. I was participating in an open day for a yoga centre where I was giving people 10 minute sessions of Reiki to experience it. It wasn't ideal, there wasn't room for a coach, so I just had a chair at the edge of the room, and a lot more people turned up than anticipated. So when someone was sat in the chair having Reiki people were walking past them, right next to them. I kept thinking that this couldn't possibly be relaxing, and I was a bit worried about it that they wouldn't get the best experience. No one said anything to me about this until a man came up to have a chat. he wasn't really in to 'all this stuff' as he put it, he had just popped in with his wife. But he thought he'd have a go and see what this 'Reiki' thing was all about while he was waiting for her. There he sat for ten minutes having some Reiki with me worrying that it wouldn't be very relaxing, and he clearly didn't get it anyway so probably wouldn't have a great experience. When the ten minutes was up I placed my hand on his shoulder and gently told him to bring his awareness back to the room. He opened his eyes and looked quite stunned. I asked him if he was alright and would he like a glass of water. He said he was fine he just wondered when everyone had come back as he hadn't heard them. 'What do you mean?' I replied. And he said, 'Just after you started everyone left, where did they go? I assumed there was a demonstration in another room or something. But I didn't hear them come back in and when I opened my eyes they were all back'. No, I explained, no-one had gone anywhere, in fact more people had arrived and continued to walk past him, pretty closely, for the whole ten minutes. He looked like he really didn't believe me but said that he did indeed feel very relaxed. These are only two out of many examples as to why I think Reiki, or similar, will really help you to switch off and properly relax when your brain is whirring, you are anxious, or have lots on your mind. And if you really want to get the most out of it, and of life, yourself and the universe, I would highly suggest that you learn Reiki for yourself, it's not all about giving treatments to others, it's fundamentally a self-help tool and will completely change your world if you let it.

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